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Day 6: January 7th, 2020

Today was very exciting I must admit, and very different than the others. Today both of the Elon Cuba groups joined to learn about each other’s various fly-ins projects. I watched many of Elon students interested in learning and gaining more knowledge of Cuba art and culture. 

Both Cuban groups started the day with breakfast at 7:30. We left the hotel at 9 in the morning to head to Héctor farm. Once we got there all of all the Elon students split into small groups to tour the farm. Everyone as a whole spent an hour touring the farm and seeing all the art and goods that the farm offered. 

Once the tours were finished Héctor said enthusiastically “Now let’s play soccer”! We all walked to the soccer field as a whole and Elon students team up against Héctor’s friends and family. The game is very entertaining. Both teams seemed to enjoy the game very much. A few remaining Elon students that did not decide to play including myself cheered from the sidelines. After the soccer game was finished we all headed to the dining area and enjoyed another great flavorful lunch. 

After lunch, we made our farewells and all got back on the bus heading to the Afro-Cuban pop dancing ally. There we met a family of Afro-Cubans who practice the traditional African dances from their ancestors. They wore very vibrate colorful clothing and played various instruments as they sing and dance. They invited us to dance with them. I enjoyed dancing with them a lot. After we all danced we said our goodbyes and both groups separated to end their day. 

-Tehya Jackson, Videographer for Arte de la Finca

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