Day 6: January 7th, 2020

Today was very exciting I must admit, and very different than the others. Today both of the Elon Cuba groups joined to learn about each other’s various fly-ins projects. I watched many of Elon students interested in learning and gaining more knowledge of Cuba art and culture.  Both Cuban groups started the day with breakfastContinue reading “Day 6: January 7th, 2020”

Day 4: January 5th, 2020

Today was our second day at La Finca Coincidencia, and one of my favorite days of the week. Yesterday was a great introduction to Héctor, the farm, his family, and the philosophy they live and work by. That general information prepared us to get more specific and dive into pieces of the farm.  We startedContinue reading “Day 4: January 5th, 2020”

Day 3: January 4th, 2020

Today was our first trip to La Finca Coincidencia. I enjoyed the hour ride through the countryside of Mantanzas. There were beautiful views of mountains and fields. We would occasionally drive by a horse and buggy. When we arrived at the farm, Héctor Correa and his wife, Odalys, joyously greeted the group and showed usContinue reading “Day 3: January 4th, 2020”

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