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Day 3: January 4th, 2020

Today was our first trip to La Finca Coincidencia. I enjoyed the hour ride through the countryside of Mantanzas. There were beautiful views of mountains and fields. We would occasionally drive by a horse and buggy. When we arrived at the farm, Héctor Correa and his wife, Odalys, joyously greeted the group and showed us a magazine article he was recently featured in. He was very excited for this project and made it clear that he wanted the group to not only be recording him, but also to be involved in the activities on the farm. 

We were served a delicious and hot tea prepared by Odalys. The tea had multiple ingredients all from the farm. Some of us were dealing with sore throats, so this tea really hit the spot. Héctor explained that the tea is very natural and healthy, and that all medicinal remedies come from the Earth. He gave a brief summary philosophy of the farm and life. During this, he stood in front of a sign that states “The man did not build the web of life, he is only a thread.” This quote serves the entry of the farm well, as it accurately depicts Héctor’s view of life. The videographers captured b-roll for the next few hours. It was so much fun to explore some of the art on Héctor’s farm. Plus, the landscape was beautiful and peaceful.

The group gathered for lunch along with Héctor. We were served watermelon juice, butternut squash soup, black beans, rice, yucas, pork, eggplant steaks for the vegetarians, and various greens and vegetables. We were served a phenomenal sweet coconut and cheese dessert with coffee, and finally, the best bananas that anyone in the group had ever tasted. Seriously, I don’t think I will never eat a grocery store banana again. All of the food was fresh from the farm. Everyone in the group agreed that it was our favorite meal so far in Cuba. The best part of lunch was jamming out to some American classic rock while Héctor and the group sang along to the songs. Randy Piland, Héctor, and the translator/ tour guide, Linette, were reminiscing about the time period of the music. 

We ended the day on the farm by interviewing Héctor and Odalys about the history and the philosophy of the farm. Héctor explained that his family plays just as much of a role in the farm as he does. His wife, Odalys, stated that she wants the younger generation to understand the way of the simple life that they live because the younger generation is most likely to receive and spread the message.

-Anna Sizemore, Web Developer for Arte de la Finca

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