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Day 2: January 3rd, 2020

Today was the first day of shooting and whew chile I’m tired. Tehya and I were shooting all day. It doesn’t really feel like a vacation or study abroad trip for us because our eyes are through lenses all day. We missed most of the information in today’s tours because we were busy shooting and getting b-roll.

Tomorrow we will be heading to the farm. I’m excited but anxious because I already foresee another draining day. We walked around for a bit in our free time but tonight, Tehya and I stayed in. We wanted to go out with everyone but it’s in their best interest we don’t because work would be subpar.

Tips for the Fly In Videographer:

  • Have batteries on batteries and memory cards on memory cards – You want to be as equipped as possible with these things because the camera is always rolling…literally. You don’t want to miss a great shot because of a dead battery or full memory card.
  • Have a TRUSTY  camera assistant – you are not an octopus. Your two hands will be on the camera at all times. Having that extra person to hand you equipment, carry the tripod, and just talk to makes a difference in these long days.
  • Organize the clips and footage as strategically and early as possible – The more work you get done early the less will back up later. We organized our clips by date we recorded them. We also organized them based on the memory card order (ex: card A, card B, etc.). We had audio placed in another folder. In retrospect I make have organized the clips by date, memory card order, then if the footage were B-roll or interviews (A-roll). The more organized the easier it will be to find things.
  • Take YOUR break – this is a very physically demanding job. When you feel like you need to take a break. Take 5 or 10 minutes to regroup, sip some water, or take in the experience. Some times after filming Tehya and I did not touch any work after we backed up clips. We wanted to enjoy our fly-in on the personal side as much as we would benefit from on it on professional side.
  • Involve your other classmates – Even though not everyone will be touching the camera, invite them to help find cool places to shoot or nice ideas to incorporate. After all, this is  a group assignment.

As far as the tours concerned we took a tour of the Museum of Pharmacy which was at one of the oldest pharmacies in Matanzas and some place that has importance to Cuban culture and its relation to Spain. The pharmacy had many original things from its previous existence as a working pharmacy. We also visited the artist that was the focus of the project last year, Meduras. His spot was very cool and open.

This is the second day without Wifi. I can get some messages from Nia (my best friend)  but as far as everything else – zero..

I’m not trying to rush this experience but between not having any wifi, knowing the amount of work ahead of me, and the lack of fun I’m having – mail me back home. Having Tehya here as the other video person does make the work more bearable.

I hope everything goes smooth tomorrow because I want to enjoy the rest of this.

Time to hit the sheets.

-Arlette Hawkins, Videographer for Arte de la Finca

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